Grin Web Wallet
Confidentially Safely Conveniently
Grin Web Wallet allows you to safely hold, easily receive and send your Grin coins from any devices that has a browser and access to the Internet.
Grin Web Wallet upgraded to latest GRIN version 2.0.0 and will no longer support version 1.x.x
• create your Grin address in 1 minute without registration.
• the ability to create an unlimited number of
Grin addresses.
• dual data encryption system.
• no additional fees (only
Grin network avg. fee).
• static IP address not required.
• internal transaction for
Grin Web Wallet users without fee.
Terms and conditions
• Grin Web Wallet does not store user data in the clear.
• All data is stored using irreversible encryption.
• All user operations are confidential.
• In case of loss of data by the user, Grin Web Wallet will not be able to restore them.
• Max. withdraw fee 0.01 Grin.
• By using Grin Web Wallet, you agree to the terms and conditions.
How to use
1. Click the button «Use Grin Web Wallet» and you will be taken to the wallet work area page:
2. Fill the fields: «USERNAME», «PASSWORD» and «PIN»
3. Click the button «Get deposit address»
4. In the field «YOUR DEPOSIT ADDRESS:» you will see your wallet address. It will look like this:
Instead, «xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx»  will be your Unique ID
5. Use this address ( ) to send Grin coins from exchanges, mining pools or other wallets.
6. Use the previously entered data ( «USERNAME», «PASSWORD» and «PIN» ) to withdraw funds or check balance.

Enjoy using.
Enhance privacy
Grin was created as a confidential coin, but some moments violate the user's privacy. Most exchanges require verification (KYC)  and users discloses his data. To withdraw Grin, users need to specify their static IP address, thereby revealing their exact location. Of course, you can rent a server, but then your wallet becomes paid.
For increased privacy, you can use Grin Web Wallet. This service isn't only for storing Grin coins, but also for transit operations.
Enter your Grin Web Wallet address on exchange or mining pool and then send your Grin from Grin Web Wallet to your own wallet.
Grin Web Wallet doesn't require user data, no need to go through the KYC procedure. All data on users operations are stored in encrypted form and the key is "username + password + pin". Thus, until a user provides the key, no one can learn about his operations.
Grin Web Wallet cares about users privacy.
Grin Web Wallet is not a commercial project and was created in support of the development of the Grin project.
Grin Web Wallet team will be grateful for the help and support.
Thanks for donations!
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